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By purchasing our pipe products (square and profile), you get high-quality, certified profile pipe products from the best manufacturers of the Russian Federation.

We will offer the optimal ratio of "price and quality". You will undoubtedly need a profile or square pipe, if you are engaged in construction of a house or a cottage for yourself. Buying a profile pipe from our company, we will provide you with quality material, cutting, delivery.

In order to buy a profile pipe in Brest or order delivery to another region of the Republic of Belarus, just call us by phone: +375 (162) 50-69-78, +375 (29) 812-000-6 and make an order.

Square profile pipe

It is the most common and sought-after profile. Square pipes have high resistance and withstand heavy loads. Therefore, they have applied widespread in light and strong metal frames, a variety of canopies. Pipe parameters: 20x20x2 2ps 6000 (GOST 8693-82) mean a square profile pipe measuring 20 mm by 20 mm and a wall thickness of 2 mm is made of steel grade 2ps 6 meters long according to GOST 8693-82.

Rectangular profile pipe

Like a square pipe, it is no less in demand. It indicates two sizes - the length and width of the profile. Profile pipes are made of steel grades 3sp / ps, St10, St20 and 09G2S. Pipe parameters: 120x40x5 2 ps 12000 (GOST 8693-82) mean a rectangular profile pipe with a size of 120 mm by 40 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm is made of steel grade 2ps 12 meters long according to GOST 8693-82.

Technical characteristics and assortment of pipes:

Steel square pipes (rectangular) GOST 8639-82 Sortment.pdf

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