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We provide additional discounts on a beam if order starts from 20 tons


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Do you need to buy an I-beam? “Prodom” offers an I-beam manufactured by metallurgical enterprises of the Russian Federation.

You can order an I-beam the following way: send your order to the company’s e-mail, or call us at the phone number +375 (162) 20-92-29 (tel / fax), +375 (29) 812-000-6

We sell I-beams of such Russian manufacturers as:

An I-beam perceives a vertical transverse weight load. It’s dozen times stiffer and several times stronger than square-shaped beams of the same cross-sectional area. Due to such characteristics, the beam is most often used for the construction of columns and ceilings in housing construction, administrative and storage facilities.

The I-beam is made of carbon steel grade st3 (GOST 380-2005). Designation: the first two digits indicate the height of the profile, the letter after the first two digits is the width of the shelves of the profile, the number after the index (letter) determines the size by the thickness of the wall and shelf.

Unlike long products, the cost of an I-beam does not have a seasonal effect, because the beam is used in the manufacture of metal structures that are not connected with monolithic work. Price of an I-beam is regulated by market factors - supply and demand.

The cost of an I-beam for 1 ton is formed based on its volume. Our company provides additional discounts on a beam if order starts from 20 tons. For larger orders - the price and terms of payment are negotiated individually.

Technical characteristics and assortment of I-beam:

Hot-rolled steel I-Beams GOST 8239-89.pdf

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